What is Nursing care?

BlueCross Carers offers a fully managed care service, enabling individuals with more complex healthcare conditions to live independently at home.

From supporting people with progressive neurological conditions through to an acquired brain or spinal cord injury, we place a special focus on the individual, developing safe and tailored care packages that enable independent living, whether that be at work, university or fulfilling goals, hobbies and interests.

We offer continuous service with ongoing support and extra clinical training as required.

Supporting independent living, whatever your care needs

  • What we do

    We can offer round-the-clock help from a carer who lives at home with you, or a drop-in service of tailored support, little and often.

  • Benefits

    – Stay at home surrounded by friends and family.
    – Care is on a one-to-one basis that allows relationships to build.
    – There is always someone present to assist and help.
    – It’s a PA, driver, cook, housekeeper, carer and friend all rolled into one.
    – Increased sense of reassurance and security at home.

  • Helpful to know

    – Our live-in care is available seven days a week, 365 days a year.
    – Our Bluecross Carers live in the house and are around 24 hours a day.
    – We’ll match one of our Carers to your needs and we’ll always introduce the carer before you agree to go ahead.
    – Our fully-managed service provides regular visits from our Care Manager.
    – Care is usually provided by two Bluecross Carers who will work together on a rotational basis.
    – Our Care Manager is always available to handle any emergency situations.